Masterpiece by David


they said you were made from dust,
they said you were raised from grass,
they said you are just like every other person
a liar, a sinner and an unstable believer.

they said you were not good enough,
they said you were not worthy of love,
they said you were overrated and worthless
an empty barrel, a broken soul and voiceless.

they said you were a cliche,
just a broken spirit in a body of flesh
they said you weren’t beautiful, unless they say so
they said you weren’t pretty, unless they allow you to be

they didn’t know you were actually made of stardust,
and irrespective of your scars, you still shine like the stars does
they didn’t know you were raised by grace,
they didn’t know you were an undaunting, unshaken figure held by love in a full embrace.

they don’t see you as a work of…

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Good day everyone! My name is David C. Victor, I am a young man who hails from the eastern part of Nigeria. I am an avid lover of poetry, photography and music. And I intend to use this blog as a medium of sharing with the world my experiences. So I beckon on you to … Continue reading Introduction